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Good morning,

I'm playing around the install procedures for AEM forms and i have downloaded the windows .exe file (aemforms_server_6_3_0_jboss_all_win) to install the JEE/Jboss environment.

I can use the defaults here and i will endup with an instance using default port 8080 and that works ok.

My issue is that im trying to get a second instance going on the same machine.

So, i was curious because i just ran the software .exe file for a second time and it installs it, but my issue would be that the port defaults are still going to be used.

So can i pass a parameter, or somthing like that (to that install.exe file), to change the default port to a different one??

If so, how might someone go about doing it.

If not, after the second install (it uses default port 8080 again), can i modify that install to point to another port number? (via file modifications or something like that)

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this is for AEM 6.3

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Hi Patrick,

If you are running the second instance for publishing, you do not need to run complete JEE installer. The publish instance can be a standalone AEM OSGi running in publish mode.  See, Configure the Publish instance section in the Post Deployment chapter of the following document:

If you are running multiple AEM Forms on JEE instances on a same machine, before you run the second install on a different location on the same machine, pass the following startup argument. It will bump the port number by the count of 110.


You can use any value in place of 110. Ensure that the value used for publish and author instances is different. Here is the procedure to setup the apps server profile and argument:

  1. Copy [AEM Forms on JEE download]\third_party\ to a new location on your machine
  2. Create a folder named JBossPublish and unzip the contents of to it.
  3. Open the /JBossPublish/JBoss/bin/standalone.conf.bat file in an editor.
  4. Add the following argument to the standalone.conf.bat file of application server.
    Set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Djboss.socket.binding.port-offset=110
  5. Save and close the standalone.conf.bat file.
  6. Open the command prompt and navigate to the \JBossPublish\JBoss\bin folder.
  7. Run the following command to start the JBoss application server for publish.
    standalone.bat -b -c standalone.xml
    If the above IP does not work, replace it with the IP of your machine

After the above procedure, perform the instructions listed in Configure the Publish instance section in the Post Deployment chapter of the  document:


Khushwant Singh