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Injecting the Image or RTE into the single cell of the Table


Level 2

Hi All,

          How to inject the one particular page into one cell of the Table. If the page contains one RTE  or Image component, it should be injected into a cell of the row/column of the table. Basically its injecting a one page content into a another page (this contains table component where the injected page content should be in any of row or column). Please help to achieve this use case.



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Level 10

You want to place the contents of a specific page into a RTE that is located in a component dialog?


Level 10

You stated:

"its injecting a one page content into a another page "

That cannot be done with the RTE. A RTE is used to modify text that will then appear on a page - not to inject one page's content into another page.



@ashwiniv53251999​We don't really understand your usecase. Can you please try to re-phrase it and provide more details ?