Indexing Content Fragment Data

ignacio_mancill 17-08-2018

Hi there,

I have a requirement to create an index where the indexRules contains the followed properties:


     + cq:Page

          + properties

               - jcr:content/jcr:title

               - jcr:content/jcr:description

               - jcr:content/component/fragment

               - jcr:content/metas

When I got the property of the fragment I need to index the properties (e.g. title) of the content fragment. The issue is to index the content of the fragment without touching the core (java), if possible.

Do you know how could it be possible to fetch the content fragment data in the same index?


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Answers (3)

ignacio_mancill 19-08-2018

Hi smacdonald,

Our requirement is to create a search tool for a new website. We need to index diferent page templates and one of them has the requirement to show a portion of the content fragment inside.

For example,

A page has an article that is created with content fragment and in the search we'll need to show the article name that is stored in the content fragment, in that case we will lauch a query to consume the results hiting our new index.