Indexes going in Traversal



Hi ,

Although we have indexes (property,lucene ) defined for most of the queries,  few of the indexes are going in traversal


For Ex :


On Restart of AEM



*WARN* [Apache Sling Repository Startup Thread]$FulltextPathCursor Index-Traversed 140000 nodes with filter Filter(query=SELECT * FROM [nt:base] WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE([/content]) AND [cq:master] IS NOT NULL, path=/content//*, property=[cq:master=[is not null]])


Therefore it's taking a long time for restart.


OOTB ntBaseLucene

Numdocs count - 5725504/oak:index/ntBaseLucene


Property Field Info - /oak:index/ntBaseLucene cq:master 165543

But logs we see it's going for Index-Traversed although we have index defined.


What is the reason for Index Traversal ? This is happening for lower numdocs indexes also. How do we fix this ?

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Hi @Kundan_Ray1,

Oak chooses the indexer with the lowest estimated cost. (
You can go to Tools > Operations > Dashboard > Diagnosis > Query Performance > Explain Query (/libs/granite/operations/content/diagnosistools/queryPerformance.html), execute you query and check costs for ntBaseLucene vs traversal.

If the cost for ntBaseLucene is higher, it might indicate that indexes are broken/not actual due to various reasons (such as improper instance shutting down during indexing) and thus triggering re-index might be considered for ntBaseLucene (set the reindex property to true within /oak:index/ntBaseLucene). It is best to re-index during quiet periods (for example, not during a large content ingest), and ideally during maintenance windows when AEM's load is known and controlled (

However, I guess querying is not only reason for slow instance starting up. While activation the MSM core bundle ("Day Communique 5 WCM Multi Site Management Core") invokes the query you mentioned - "SELECT * FROM [nt:base] WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE([/content]) AND [cq:master] IS NOT NULL" and checks if found nodes exist (please see the stack trace in the thread - The query returns live copy configuration nodes (e.g. /content/we-retail/us/en/community/members/jcr:content/cq:LiveSyncConfig) and according to your message, the number of found nodes is large (>Numdocs count - 5725504) so processing them might introduce a delay. I'd also recommend reviewing the content structure to ensure that no unnecessary nodes are present (such as unnecessary pages + their live copies, etc.)





It's not clear to me if this is your query or its an OOTB query ? It's searching "nt:base". The Oak index definition suggest such query to have an index with the following properties:


- compatVersion = 2
- async = "async"
- jcr:primaryType = oak:QueryIndexDefinition
- evaluatePathRestrictions = true
- type = "lucene"
+ indexRules
+ nt:base
+ properties
+ master
- name = "cq:master"
- propertyIndex = true
- notNullCheckEnabled = true


If the existing index does not have the suggested properties you may add it and rebuild the index to verify if it makes any improvements.



Hi @Andrei_Dantsou , Thanks for your inputs . We have given our inputs to Adobe Product Engineering as we have seen this issue happening only in 6.5 and not in 6.3 , with the same number of livecopy nodes present there. As this is a generic search query triggered during restart where result count is more than 10k, it goes for index-traversal. In future, this may be removed from startup msm core bundle activation to on-demand.