In Authoring environment RTE in Touch ui show empty when anchor link and latter source edit is clicked (AEM6.3 with SP2)





1>On using RTE to just have anchor link  by giving an label

2> latter on clicking source edit  shows an  empty.


We want to add in rte anchor tag like


<a id="test"> </a>  ,

Note:- Here the title is empty for the anchor link and not getting allowed by RTE



The use case we would want just a anchor link with some custom code added to it without any title.

Issue is  on submitting the dialog and on re-opening does not have the anchor link. Touch UI anchor icon added with a label:-

RTE with only anchot link.PNG



Source edit clicked and turned off:-

source edit remvoes code.PNG
Please let me know as how this could be solved







Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





Once you re-open the dialog and see that the anchor tag is no more appearing, is the <a id="someid"></a> visible on source editor view or that is trimmed off. If its trimmed off, mostly link checker might be removing a bad link. Please follow [1] to disable link checker as a whole or for a single use case.


[1] -

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Answers (2)





Thanks for the input.  


On the Link

I had 2 queries.Could you please provide inputs as how this work for RTE:-


1>In which file should i add the below ,so that RTE will bypass the link validation

Optionally use x-cq-linkchecker="skip" in the <a>. Link Checker will not even check for validity


2>The Link Checker should not be enabled on publish instances

How to achieve this that it works in author but is not enabled in publish