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Image resize not working in Chrome Browser for RTE


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Iam facing an issue with image resize while using richtext component in the google chrome browser. When drag and drop the image inside the rte component iam able to resize the image in Internet Explorer browser. Screenshot below


But, when i tried the same in the google chrome browser resize is not working. Can anyone help me with issue?


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Can you enable developer tools in chrome and check for potential errors in the Console ? Also, the network tab can show you any problems with requests/responses that could be the case.


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I'm not able to understand why would you want to resize the image for author manually and not apply a css class/style system to resize the image for presentation/rendering HTML?


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It is not supported OOTB.



Set some image properties such as alignment and alt text. Basic support to drag and drop images from Content Finder works without this plug-in.

Note: The authoring behavior may vary with the browser. For example, Mozilla Firefox provides re-sizing capabilities but Google Chrome does not.


Arun Patidar