if I leave 1 field in multifield component as unauthored in AEM 6.3, then nothing is rendered



Hi Everyone

I have downloaded the package available on this link : Creating a Granite/Coral 6.3 Multifield HTL component for Adobe Experience Manager

and have also deployed the code available on this link.

I am facing one problem.

if i author every field in the dialog for 1 item i.e product name, path, start date, show, size then the values of all the fields are displayed successfully.

But if i do not author 1 single field and author rest of the fields, no content for that particular item is displayed.

for example i don't author product name and leave it blank

and then i author path as - /content/abc




then no field value is displayed.

i supposed it would display atleast path, start date, show, size.But nothing would be displayed.

then i observed that it is not creating the property in JCR for product name that's why its happening.

but my actual usecase is same where user have leave one textfield unauthored. then how it would work ? 

Thanks in advance for help !

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Did you see any error in logs? It seems class is not getting instantiated properly if any of the value is missing.

In the code, there is no condition set to hide values if any of the values are not authored.

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