I want to know how to get the exam for free.



Last month, Adobe certification exams were delivered free of charge until June 30th at ADBAPEX@adobe.com.

I want to know how to get the exam for free.


Thanks for the good news.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




@StomX PFB the terms and conditions


  • To be eligible to receive a free exam voucher you must:
         1. Be associated with your Company \ with a current corporate email id on your CertMetrics Profile.
         2. Be registered on the Adobe Solution Partner Portal and associated with an active Bronze or above Adobe Partner Organization.

How to get the certificate ? 

  • You must first Create an Adobe ID (with your official email) if you do not have one.
  • Once that is done , you must reach out to SPPHelp via email (spphelp@adobe.com) or chat to request the free exam voucher. 
  • They will check for your eligibility and sent you a voucher 


Hope this helps 🙂



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Answers (1)




First of all, You need to get your free exam vouchers from Adobe SPP Management Team 

Email - SPPHelp@adobe.com  


Then sign up/log in to https://www.certmetrics.com/adobe/

Complete registration process.

then click on 

Schedule/Modify Exam Appointment