I can not logout from AEM Author



I can not logout from AEM Author

I think that it is probably a bug of Author, I am in trouble because I can not logout from Author.

If you are directly accessing Author, I can logout correctly.

However, if I attempt to log out via Dispatcher, I cannot log out.

If I investigate the requesting URL using Fiddler,

normal logout case is that http request is made in the order of the URLs listed below





On the other hand, logout possible case is below





That's right. not accessing /system/sling/logout.html first !

Try using "ModHeader" chrome extention, "Server - Agent: Communique - Dispatcher"

The same phenomenon occurred when accessing Author directly with a header.

In other words, it is a proof that the behavior of Author changes when you go through Dispatcher and directly access it.

Please tell me the solution to this problem.

Thanks for the help!

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