HttpClient not using proxy set in AEM

acroabhi 09-01-2019


My application need to make a REST call to the external world.

I use Apache HttpClient to do. I expect that the call goes through proxy set in AEM, but it doesn't, it directly tries to fetch data.

I do not want to add explicit configuration for proxy in my application, it should just use default proxy set inAEM.

Any ideas how to do it?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Refer this -

HttpClient is not passing through proxy

Get the factory from OSGI itself rather than creating a custom instance of HTTPClient where you would need to read the OSGI properties on your own.

//Add the HTTP Client Builder Factory reference like below in your OSGI component.


private HttpClientBuilderFactory httpFactory; //in your method then you can get the HTTP Client object.

HTTPClient client =  httpFactory.newBuilder().build();

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