HTTP ERROR 503 (Problem accessing /crx/de. Reason: Service Unavailable)



Hi All,


I am getting 503 error while opening instance, not sure how to I tired to restart instance.

Since we are using remote AEM environment, where I only can see the instance service in stopping status.


Not sure how to fix it using crx-quickstart folder >____




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503 aem6.5 Error

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @tushaar_srivastava,

The 503 error occurs due to the fact that the service is stopping. You should wait while the instance is completely stopped and to start it again. 
The steps for stopping/starting an instance using the scripts located under <cq-installation>/bin (crx-quickstart/bin folder in your case) are described in the documentation


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Answers (2)




Check the AEM error.log file and see if you are getting the "AuthenticationSupport service missing. Cannot authenticate request" error trace.


If yes, then try to re-index the complete repository by deleting the "index" folder under the path /crx-quickstart/repository. And then restart the instance and monitor the logs.


If you still get this error, try to restore the instance from the last healthy backup.


This type of issue comes up when the instance is shut down abruptly and the repository could not be shut down gracefully.




Hi @tushaar_srivastava,

Most of the time, we get this error when the server is not completely up and trying to access at that point in time. 

Give it some time to start up and then access.

If the error still persist,  

  • Try to access Felix console and check if all the bundles are active.
  • Check error.log for error/exception.

Update this thread if you get to see any exception.