HTL use-api parameters are always null in Sling Model Class.



I am trying a HTL/Sling Model example with HTL Parameters and Sling Model Injection. However, the parameters passed via HTL are always null. Does anyone have a solution?


Java --> Inject example: com.testing.models.SimpleHelloWorld

@Model(adaptables = Resource.class)
public class SimpleHelloWorldModel {

private Resource currentResource;
private ResourceResolver resourceResolver;

protected String testProp;

private String localProp = "test value";

protected void init() {
this.localProp = testProp;

public String getTestProp() {return testProp;}

public String getLocalProp() {return this.localProp;}

 The idea is to receive a value from HTL (testProp), see if the init() method gets correctly invoked due to the @PostConstruct annotation and set a local property.

Here is the very simple HTL snippet:

<sly data-sly-use.hw="${ 'com.testing.models.SimpleHelloWorldModel' @ testProp='from HTL' }" />
<div class="add-message">
<h3> class="we-ProductsGrid-item-title h4">Testing HTL/Sling Model</h3>
<h3>Testprop: ${hw.testProp}</h3>
<h3>LocalProp: ${hw.localProp}</h3>

The init() method gets invoked.
However, every property I pass via HTL is null. The @Optional annotation sets blank.


Does anyone know if HTL has been updated to pass parameters to a Sling Model Class that can be read via @inject

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @Giancarlo_at_KD 


Please update your annotation to below and try:

@Model(adaptables = {Resource.class, SlingHttpServletRequest.class})






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