How would you consider a site to be 6.4?



If I had a site that I deploy in AEM 6.4.3 instance, but in the source code I have the following in the pom files:







(Which is really the jar for 6.2)

My site is considered which version of AEM?

My thinking is my site is 6.2 but it kind of works in an AEM 6.4.3 setup. What would happen if I keep using the site this way?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Any specific reason you want to use 6.2 uber jar for a code deployment on 6.4?

The latest version of the uber-jar always contains the latest version of OOTB API's which will help in improved performance and higher security.

Using a 6.2 uber jar to compile the code on 6.4.3 is not recommended at all. Always use the latest uber-jar compatible with the AEM version you are using.

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I assume your question is related to SCR/OSGI annotations in the java code/bundles and not best practices like repository restructuring aspects of 6.4, CRX2OAK migration, configuring lucene indexes etc. it would still continue to work in 6.4.3 till the time required dependencies are met.

The AEM version would still be 6.4.3 in your case however, the application may/may not be adhere to Adobe recommended best practices.





The below link has all the details

How to Build AEM Projects using Apache Maven

And in 6.2 the node structure for components is different as comparative to 6.4 .

6.2 was in classic UI but 6.4 is touch UI Based .

The position of clientlibs have also been changed ,now they are in apps folder however in 6.2 they were in etc folder .

For more details please check the link

What's New in Adobe Experience Manager 6.4



We're inheriting a project from another team that's why it's still 6.2.

I guess one of the first tasks would be to modify it to use the latest uber-jar!

Thanks for all the replies!

gauravb10066713​ your reply is great as well!