How to use onclick method inside AEM compoenent



Hi All,

Am having a AEM6 html component, am getting the values from dialog and using it inside the component via the .js file and using the return properties.

I could able to get the authored values but it is getting null or empty when am using it inside the onclick method. Please find below the code snippet below.

<div data-sly-unwrap data-sly-use.test="test.js"></div>

<a href="#" class="${test.testId}" id="${test.testId}" onClick="toggleDraw('${test.testId}')" >

The content I authored is getting displayed in class and Id, but it is not displaying in the  onClick method.

Below is the Output am getting after authoring.

<a href="#" class="get-a-quote" id="get-a-quote" onClick="toggleDraw('')" >

Output I needed is :

<a href="#" class="get-a-quote" id="get-a-quote" onClick="toggleDraw('get-a-quote')" >

Many thanks,

Saravanan R

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




I would suggest add a unique class to the a tag and use separate javascript to bind the ob click method.

The reason why value is getting trimmed because you are not using correct context

<a href="#whatever" onclick="${myFunctionName @ context='scriptToken'}()">Link</a>


For JS identifiers, literal numbers, or literal strings

Validates the JavaScript token, outputs nothing if validation fails.


Within JS strings

Encodes characters that would break out of the string.

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