How to use multiple color picker fields in the same tab in a dialog?



I have installed the color picker package provided by Adobe helpx document and I need to use two color pickers in the same tab of a page properties dialog that I'm creating. I have given the following structure for the color pickers.

The first color picker:


The second color picker:


But the output on the dialog appears like this:


Only the first color picker is recognized and the second appears as a normal textfield. How do I include two independent color pickers in the same tab of a dialog?

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As you can see - this is based on a JQuery plug-in. See if you can get this plug-in working outside of AEM where you can use 2 fields, This could be a limitation with the plug-in,




Could you share more info. about custom color picker you're using?

it doesn't seem that you're using Experiencing Adobe Experience Manager - Day CQ: AEM 64 - Touch UI RTE (Rich Text Editor) Dialog Colo... or other related plugins.

Based on level of customization, you might've to register a separate/duplicate plugin after making the internal fields/variables more specific, if you want to use it multiple times on the same dialog.

Hope that provides the required pointers.