How to use ckeditor, or other rict text editor of aem in etc/design/myapp/clientlibs for end user?

bhoang 07-11-2018

Hi all,

I want to user rict text editor for text area in form for client user. How to use ckeditor, or other rict text editor of aem in etc/design/myapp/clientlibs? I want have a same riect text editor as AEM forum or ckeditor basic. I tried ckeditor basic from and add it to etc/design/myapp/clientlib-ckeditor. But it doesn't work.

I am using cdn it work fine. But I want to user ckeditor in our clientlib.

<script src="//"></script>

Please help me how to use rich text editor for client user?

Thanks you so much,


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bhoang 18-12-2018

Hi Kautuksahni,

I created a clientlibs in /etc/designs/myapps/clientlib-ckeditor to use basic ckeditor. In the clientlib-ckeditor, I created js folder (with ckeditor.js, config.js, en.js, styles.js) and created css folder (with content.css, editor.css) as below.


When I run it have errors as below:


If i use the cdn (<script src="//"></script>), it have not error. The error happen when I using ckeditor as an clientlib library.

Could you help me, how to fix it?

Thank you so much!