How to study component structure with no access to AEM ?



What methodology used to know selected level of modularity, strengths to be preserved, areas for improvement.

I have no access to AEM but I must study this. What do you think about it ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Probably you will not be having access on your dev. environments.

this happens when the author wants to learn development of AEM. but they can access only content folder not apps.

if this is the case, then you should first register with the solution partner portal. there you will find a lot of articles about AEM.

if you need more help then let me know I do have a lot of Adobe AEM tutorial give by Adobe Experts which will help you study about component and folder structure. also, Helpx articles play here a big role to learn AEM for beginners as well as for existing developers.

Helpful links: AEM Community Channel - YouTube

~ Prince

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If you are planning to learn AEM technology , the only best way is to get your hands dirty . First learn the basics and do hands on to learn it. Even though I didn't understand your question here, if you try to learn it this way , it would be really not effective