How to read metadata from dita xml files?




We are working on a migration project to migrate content from Drupal to AEM using DITA xml files.
Currently, there's a task to explore how AEM consumes the metadata contained in these xml files.
Mainly, there's a need to add page properties in a ditamap. This, however, is not to be done manually (via page properties tags in AEM), which is why, we have to come up with a way to add cq:tag attribute somehow in the ditamap xml file. This is to ensure that page properties are directly consumed by AEM when the ditamap is uploaded and converted to an AEM Site.

I have tried some options given here-Adobe CQ Help | Migrating DITA XML data to Adobe CQ , but, to no avail.

Can someone help me with the syntax, if at all the inclusion of cq:tag inside a ditamap is possible?

P.S. : The metadata structure currently has these type of tags in the ditamap-
<data datatype="webAttr" name="ixxxlswd-product" value="20006" class="- topic/data "/>   (Encrypted as per policy)

But, these are not being read by AEM. So, in a way, we are expecting if there's any modification possible to accommodate such content in AEM via these dita xml files.


Sonakshi S.

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