how to prevent insertion of components into a page?



so I have the following setup (using Netcentric ACL framework):

      - path: /content/staff/en

        permission: allow

        privileges: jcr:read,jcr:modifyProperties,jcr:removeNode,jcr:removeChildNodes,jcr:addChildNodes

        repGlob: '*/jcr:content*'

This allows me to edit, delete and add components into a page. If I remove "jcr:addChildNodes", I cannot add any new components into the page BUT this also removes my ability to edit/configure the components already in the page.

I am looking at and nothing stands out in the privileges lis that should fix my issue.

Any ideas on how to fix?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



As per your question I understand that you want to set ACLs on component basis but component level permissions are not supported in AEM and its not best practice as it might cause some issues. You can check in user admin in how much depth you can try to add the ACLs, because for component level ACLs there is no UI.