How to pass resorceType/Path in form in AEM



Hi Team,

I have two fields  like AWB number and Reference number as input text  now

how i need to pass the entered value in text  to sling servlet.

I know if i use ajax i can give the path defined in  slingServlet as URL


         type: 'POST',   


         data:'id='+ claimId+'&firstName='+ myFirst+'&lastName='+ myLast+'&address='+ address+'&cat='+ cat+'&state='+ state+'&details='+ details+'&date='+ date+'&city='+ city,

         success: function(msg){

           var json = jQuery.parseJSON(msg);

            var msgId=;

            var lastName = json.lastname;

            var firstName = json.firstname;



            $('#json').val("Filed by " + firstName + " " + lastName);  




If i'm not using ajax call

Where i need to specify the resourceType or Path in form.

Please let me know how we can do this.


Manikantha R

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WHen you want to pass given values to a backend Servlet - using AJAX is a standard way. It's event-driven and typically is fired when a user clicks a button on a page - as opposed to when a resource loads in AEM.



I understood your requirement but not sure why you are not using Ajax. it is best and easy way to call servlet. probably you can tell what issues you are facing by using Ajax

if you still want to do it please check the below URL. and pass the bin url in servleturl. for this you will have to use JSP.

<form action="servletURL" method="post">


How to call servlet through a JSP page - Stack Overflow

~ Prince