How to order assets displayed in asset finder selection dialog

randyn0611 24-10-2018

I'm in the midst of converting users from classic UI to touch UI in AEM 6.3 and I need to be able to display the asset finder selection dialog (from the side panel) results in alpha order. I have been through the documentation about customizing the author instance and have not found what I need to make this happen. I guess my questions are: What type of component is that selection dialog? Does it have some built-in way to configure results order? I've seen references to an orderby node for some components but don't know if there's one for the selection dialog or not.

If there's not a built-in way to configure, then I'm assuming I'll need to either do my sort in JS or provide another service to return the results in the required order. Can anyone point me towards a solution to this issue?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

randyn0611 01-11-2018

I was finally able to solve the problem myself - sort of. I discovered that some widgets (ex: pathfield) have an orderby node that's used to specify results order. I queried under /libs for other nodes called 'orderby' and found one under the assetselector widget. I overlayed /libs/dam/gui/content/assetselector/search/form/orderby and orderby.sort and now get the data sorted. The one issue I've still got with this solution is that the sort is case sensitive so if there are a lot of names, titles, etc. that contain uppercase letters, it can take some examination to determine that any ordering actually occurred.