How to manage pending publish and how does it work?

Karl515 16-01-2019

From my reading, publishing anything in AEM means it's ready for use and will appear in creation process. I have lot's of question about it like who can publish, why can I use my image assets even tho I didn't publish it. Who can add asset and administrator can Approve the Added asset. Need more explanation on each default groups that were created and it's permissions. But my main question for now is what is this and how can I approve this?


and this


Answering my other questions are also appreciated. Thanks!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Navigate to the inbox and approve/reject the tasks associated to the workflows, that should get rid of pending status on content/assets. You could do it as an administrator or the user to whom the task is assigned.

Your Inbox  (use 6.3 or 6.4 documentation per your AEM version)

Any user who has been granted appropriate replication ACL can publish the content (pages/assets/CF etc.) You are able to use the assets because you are working on the author instance where assets are present irrespective of their replication status. Replication would just push the content/asset from author instance to publish instance (separate AEM instance).

AEM documentation - 

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.4 Learn & Support

I would recommend you to set up a publish instance, a replication agent and then test it end-to-end. That might help to understand it better.

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Answers (7)


This is another reason why you could see pending status in replication. Since you don't have publish server setup, all items are blocked.

You could setup publish server, clear up the queue or disable the publish agent till the time you set up publish server.



Check your publish agent's queue - http://localhost:4502/etc/replication/

or any other replication agent that you might've created - http://localhost:4502/etc/replication/

Check if there is any agent with blocked/pending items to be replicated? Clear that queue.

Another item to check - 'Manage Publication' on the top header of assets/content page. Check if you find any item(s) there?

Karl515 21-01-2019

Thanks. but I did login as admin credentials.


still my inbox only has those 4 defaults.

your answer might be correct, now I'm theres something wrong with my installation. would that be possible?


Did you login with "admin" credentials to validate that "inbox" doesn't show any pending items to be approved or "calendar" view doesn't show any pre-scheduled activations for future?

sure, you could reach out for quick conversations.

Karl515 17-01-2019

Thanks for answering but my inbox doesn't show anything that I can accept anything pending.


This my be bold but can I add you on skype or something for fast communication?