How to localize footer (using experience fragment) after language copy using the same template

partypoopa 12-10-2018


I am using an editable template where the structure contains the footer (experience fragment component) and is set to an experience fragment, for example, at path "/content/experience-fragments/xyz/en_US/footer/home-page-footer-ef" so all pages created with this template will render a common footer.

However, if I make a language copy say to fr_CA, it would still show the same footer as mentioned above.

Question, how do I make it so that it points to a diff footer in different language say at "/content/experience-fragments/xyz/fr_CA/footer/landing-page-footer-ef" but still use the same editable template?

I mean I can duplicate a copy of the template for fr_CA and set the experience path, but that seems wrong, or customize the experience fragment component to dynamically set locale in the path but that requires the remainder of the path be the same.

There must be a more elegant way to handle this? 

Thanks in advance.

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