How to iterate multifield values from resource path need to modify and adding some more properties ?



Hi ,

 I have a Requirement like need to modify multifield values from resource path from node and also add some more properties to the multifield which are not authoring in dialog but need to add some properties in HTML using the existing properties from dialog.


   In this process i was gone through 

  Here, they are using two slingmodels first one is to render the resource and other is bean class this is the exact requirement i have but two classes for single component the classes count will double. Suppose i have 10 components with 20 sligmodels cant i use single class for modification and adding values to that list<Resource>.

Please provide me any snippet on this .


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Accepted Solutions (1)





The class count is depends, if you have a 10 types of multifield then yes, you need 10 bean classes but if bean class/model are common e.g. link model then you can use same model to adapt.

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