How to integrate AEM 6.4 with Hybris

phani-aem-dev 08-05-2019

Hi All,

I am trying to connect AEM 6.4 with Hybris,

Steps I've followed :

1. I've installed package cq-hybris-content-6.3.2 via package manager,

2. I've added cq:commerceProvider as hybris in my page and component JCR content (example  /content/aemtraining/en/login-page/jcr:content)

3. In the component servlet, I've tried to do req.getResource().adaptTo(HybrisService.class) and req.getResource().adaptTo(HybrisService.class)

4. Deployed my bundle, however, I am getting null always from the adaptTo method.

Can somebody explain to me what extra needs to be done?

Note: I don't want to install the demo package geometrixx


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


As per the documentation at [1], the following packages are required. Can you install these packages and let us know if this is still an issue?

Packages Needed for eCommerce with hybris

To install eCommerce functionality you need:

  • Your hybris server, available from hybris.
  • AEM eCommerce framework:
    • this is part of a standard AEM installation
  • AEM Geometrixx-all package:
    • cq-geometrixx-all-pkg
  • AEM hybris content packages:
    • cq-hybris-content-6.3.2
    • hybris-specific API implementation
    • cq-geometrixx-hybris-content-6.3.2
    • a reference implementation to illustrate use of hybris (geometrixx-outdoors/en_US)

Also, check if hybris server is running and AEM-Hybris connector is configured properly to find the hybris server.

If this is still an issue, setup a DEBUG level logger on "com.adobe.cq.commerce" to get more information about the null value.

[1] hybris

[2] Developing with hybris

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