How to inherit editable templates into child templates?



Let's say I have created a configuration and editable templates for my parent site A and now I have to create editable templates for my child sites B and C. I need to inherit the various editable templates created for my parent site A into the child sites B and C and I should be able to edit these templates and provide a layout and content unique to the child sites. The following structure should roughly illustrate the idea:

  • Site A
    • Editable Template 1A
    • Editable Template 2A
    • Site B
      • Editable Template 1B which inherits 1A
      • Editable Template 2B which inherits 2A
    • Site C
      • Editable Template 1C which inherits 1A
      • Editable Template 2C which inherits 2A

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




In Editable Template we have feature called Template type .

So in this case we can have a template type as A which could be used to create 1A, 1B, 1C templates .

In this way you need to configure common changes at template type created in step 1 and rest will inherit from there.

For more deatils refer below link-