How to handle error handler for 404 page of acs commons 4.2 version its working in author not in publish and DNS aswell????



I was trying to implement error handler of acs commons 4.2 version in my project its working fine in author but not in publish also in dns can you help me why this functionality not working in publish 


( Specified the path of error page in project parent page jcr:content )





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Please check below points to resolve the issue:

1. Check if the issue is from publish server or dispatcher. If issue is from dispatcher then ensure that you have done required AEM dispatcher configuration

 In dispatcher_vhost.conf file, set DispatcherPassError to ‘0’. This allows erring requests to be sent back to AEM.

 screenshot (15).png


2. Which AEM version you are using because on AEM 6.2 or above, this service uses a Service User for repository access. This user is configured with the expected permissions required, but additional permissions may be required if your repository design deviates from the expected structure. So please check if this user have proper permission on publish instance as well.

User name: acs-commons-error-page-handler-service


  • jcr:read on /content

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