how to get list of filters of a package through code?

krish747 06-02-2019


I am trying to find a particular package using its name and want to get the list of filters which the package is containing.

Could anyone please suggest me how to get the package using name/id and get its filter list using the api?

Thanks in Advance!

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krish747 06-02-2019

Hi @antoniom54959291,

Actually I need this info as I have to perform some actions using Servlet on the paths (pages) which are included in the filter for the given package name/id.

It will be helpful if you can post me the Curl command to get the list of filter values. If no options left on the API side, i will try to use Curl. The only thing bothers bothers in Curl is that we have to update the credentials and domains for URL for every environment.

antoniom5495929 06-02-2019

Hi krish747​,

do you need to use java api? Why do you need this info? If you need this in order to make export, you can also use cURL commands which contains method to retrive a package and its filters.