How to get image metadata in singtly?

bhoang 06-09-2019


I am upload image into asset on AEM as below.


So I input the information for the image title, description, English Alt text (en_alt_text).

I am using assetpicker in the component and select the image above.


In my component I want to get the image title, image alt. My code as below:

<div data-sly-use.test = "test.js">

<img src="${test.eventImage @ context='html'}" alt="" title="">


eventImage is the Event photo field name.

How tot get the image title, image alt that configuration on the image asset?

Thanks you so much!


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bhoang 08-09-2019

Hi Arun Patidar,

I thought about that solution. But I don't know how to pass image_src path to the ImageModel model.

Example: Singhtly HTML

<div class="title-and-booking show-on-web"   data-sly-use.propertyObject="com.example.testimage.core.models.PropertiesById">

     <div data-sly-use.imageObject="${'com.example.testimage.core.models.ImageModel' @ imagePath = ''}">

          <img itemprop="image" id="img-top-most" src="${}" alt="${imageObject.image.alt_text}">

The image model:

package com.example.testimage.core.models;

import com.adobe.cq.sightly.WCMUsePojo;

import org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils;



public class ImageModel extends WCMUsePojo {

    private String altTagImage;

    private String urlImage;

    private static final String DEFAULT_RESULT_EN = "Alt default value EN";

    private static final String DEFAULT_RESULT_ZH = "Alt default value ZH";

    private static final String LANG_CODE_ZH = "zh";


    public void activate() throws Exception {

        String langCode = getCurrentPage().getLanguage(true).getLanguage();

        ResourceResolver resourceResolver = getResourceResolver();

        String urlImage = getUrlImage();

        if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(urlImage)) {

            Resource resource = resourceResolver.getResource(urlImage + "/jcr:content/metadata");

            if (resource != null) {

                altTagImage = resource.getValueMap().get(langCode + "_alt_text", String.class);



        if (StringUtils.isBlank(altTagImage)) {

            altTagImage = DEFAULT_RESULT_EN;

            if (LANG_CODE_ZH.equalsIgnoreCase(langCode)) {

                altTagImage = DEFAULT_RESULT_ZH;




    public String getAltTagImage() {

        return altTagImage;


    public String getUrlImage() {

        return get("urlImage", String.class);



Please help me,

Thank you so much,



you can write a sling Model and get image path in sling model then map as resources and read metadata and return from sling model to sightly.

theop76211228 06-09-2019


Is there any reason why your component must contain a basic <img> element? Could it not instead contain an AEM Image component for example: AEM Core Image ?

Have a look at this tutorial, I think it might be exactly what you need: 5 - Custom Component.​ It shows you how to created a component which is composed of custom HTML and an existing Image component. The advantage of this technique is that you don't have to re-write all the logic to access DAM metadata, since it all already exists: