How to find folder ID in AEM 6.2

Gopu_Selvaraj 14-08-2018


I am using AEM 6.2

I m able create folder and upload image then advance view I able to see ID 5327207f-5102-4255-8ec4-1163306b1b4b like this but I m not able view Folder ID

Please help me.

I want to do this like

Image is Parent Folder

PNG is child 1 Folder

JPG is child 2 Folder

and I need separate ID for Each folder.

Please Explain me via UI and Program.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



This ID is JCR:UUID, which is something implemented as part of JCR implementation not exposed how it get created. So You can't control the value of jcr:uuid.

You can use path or node name as a ID for folder or generate JCR:UUID for folder but still you can't assign all type of property to certain type of node.

Check for UUID support nodes.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

Gopu_Selvaraj 16-08-2018

I am not able see Folder ID. My Question is how to find Folder ID?

I able to see asset ID only.

Following steps

1) Click -> Adobe Experience Manager

2) Click -> Assets

               Right side create button is there click

               Create Folder and give name

3) Click -> Newly created folder

               Again click create button on right side top then select files upload any image

               Once upload done mouse over that image select view properties now you will see Basic view so select Advance view

               Now you will able to see your image asset, ID: 71d3a2c5-5113-458d-8edf-0a8cd892c7de like this

               Note this Asset ID is created automatically .ImageID.PNG