How to disable fields based on checkbox?



I need to disable some fields based on the checkbox. If the checkbox is checked, I need to disable some fields, not hide them. When the checkbox is selected the fields need to be grayed out and not authorable.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Vigia,

Yes, it's totally possible, please have a look at[0][1].

Be careful, through and explain to your client that there is 0% guarantee on next AEM Release the component you are using will still work and this will increase maintenance burden on your project.

Would be perfect if Adobe did provide us a set "stable" API's to control behaviour for Granite UI elements and we did not have to mess with Jquery selectors and setters.

[0] How to make the textfield readonly in Touch UI

[1] cq5 - Conditional show / hide of fields in AEM 6 dialogs - Stack Overflow



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