How to create templates with components already placed?



I need to create a template which when used to create a page, will already have certain components placed in the page and some content will be authored. Once the page is created, the author should be able to author the existing components, delete them or add new components. Is there a way to achieve this without dynamic/editable templates? Is there a way developer can create a static template with some preexisting components and author can later modify the page created from this template?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi vigiaemnewbie​, this concept is the whole idea behind editable templates, to allow authors to manage the templates.  However, you could follow these steps for a developer to create initial content for a static template:

1. Create a page, add whatever content you like.

2. Create a new template node under your application folder /apps/myapp/templates/newtemplate

3. Copy the jcr:content node of that page under the template node

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