How to capture Login events with SAML and SSO Authentication Handler



Hi All,

We have an website running where AEM publishers are configured with SSO Authentication handler and SAML Authentication Handler. Intranet users are Authorized with SAML authentication and external users are authorized to application with SSO Authentication Handler with header name configured. Both the flows are working fine without issues.

Now we want to capture the user login events and write to DB to enable one of the Reporting feature with Tableau.

The question how can achieve this? Is there any hook(OSGI service or Sling event) which we can customize or override after every successful  login to capture the login events?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Every successful login creates a token which is stored at [1]


So, you can use this console to track all the user info



Stored TokensStored Tokens


Then, use the uuid to find the user:


UUID in CrxdeUUID in Crxde


[1] http://<host>:<port>/system/console/tokenmgr

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