how to build custom data type model for content fragment to pull the content from Rest APi and display multiField



Hi All,


I have a requirement to display some alert message on the AEM website using Content Fragments. Author can create content fragment byusing model. Model should contains fields like alert related fields info like message title, message desc, start date, end on, country list,region list (based on country selection regins should display)and pages info. Author choose the country or page to display message and save. Upon save i need to enable message in all the specifc pages.

1. It would be helpful if I can load dynamic coutry list in the dropdown would be helpfull or is there any easy to implement this in AEM. please provide suggestions.


2. Is it good practise to customize jsp in CF. Is there any impact on future upgrade becasue Adobe almost ending supporting JSP?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




why do you want to do with CF but not XF?

XF provides more flexibility then CF.

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