How to add an attribute without value to a tag? (eg: disabled attribute)



Hi All,

I want to add the 'disabled' attribute to textarea tag by checking whether the read-only field functionality is enabled or not. If the user wants the textarea to appear as disabled, I have to add the disabled attribute to the textarea tag.

Is it possible to add this attribute without a value? Currently, I use the code:



<textarea disabled="${properties.disabled}"></textarea>



But when I use this code, I get my resulting tag look like this in html:



<textarea disabled="true"></textarea>



I want the disabled attribute without a value like the below code after checking whether the user had enabled "${properties.disabled}" or not.



<textarea disabled></textarea>



Kindly help me figure a way to add the attribute by checking for the condition without adding a value along with the attribute.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




@Fathima you can achieve this with HTL, Sightly: data-sly-attribute.disabled

<div data-sly-attribute.disabled="${properties.disabled}"></div>

// if true
<div disabled></div>

// if false



I hope this helps,

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