How many of you hate the new Admin Console Support system



I know i miss daycare, its better in many ways compared to the new one.. I was excited to learn about the new support portal, but once i started using it, my hopes are completely beaten down.. my issues:

1) Email Replies not recorded in ticket
2) If anyone comments on the ticket, you won’t get an email
3) Emails Subject doesn’t have task description


Do you have any more.. Hope Adobe see this and takes care of these issues

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Community Manager


@harishred Here is the reply from the team,

Thank you for your feedback, we understand the new support experience is a change from the Daycare system.  Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible, your feedback will help us continue to improve.  Below are the responses to your concerns:


  1. Email replies not recorded in the ticket: your replies via email are being captured in the ticket within the CRM so it’s visible to our support engineers.  At this time, only direct replies from the Admin Console Comment section will be visible by you.
  2. If anyone comments on the ticket, you won’t get an email: We are improving this area with our mid-July release.  Anyone subscribed as a “watcher” will get an email when communications happened between the primary ticket owner and support engineer.
  3. Emails Subject doesn’t have task description: You are correct, we do not put specific tasks or ask on the headline of the email at this time but the email content does have all the information.


We will continue to capture and evaluate customer inputs to improve the overall experience.