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How long does it take for initial upload of binary data to S3datastore?


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Good day. I am working on migrating our AEM 6.2 instance from local datastore to S3 datastore following the steps here https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-2/sites/deploying/using/data-store-config.html.

I'm working on a test instance with nearly 500GB worth of binary data so in summary, these were my steps in migrating:

1. Stop AEM instance.

2. Created the directory crx-quickstart/install and added the S3 Datastore Connectors (version 1.4.10 for AEM 6.2), and also the config files for S3Datastore and DocumentNodeStore.

3. Started AEM.

After successfully starting AEM for the author instance, I monitored the files and the datastore path was created. Files were also getting uploaded to the S3 bucket. My questions are, how long does this initial upload usually take for the 500GB worth of data? How can I verify that the old binary data in the local datastore is also being uploaded to the S3 bucket? Even after 48 hours, the upload is still ongoing and the crx-quickstart/repository is still at its original size of 400+ GB, though my configuration for the cachesize is the default 64GB and I just want to manage expectations if we do this for production.

Also, is this the correct approach for migrating? I read another option which is to use the crx2oak tool. Would that be a better option? If so, can that tool be run even while AEM is running?


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