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Hi Folks,

I am working for the Singapore based client. So they want a website in English and Chinese.

I have a few queries 


1. what is the best approach to do this 


2. Do we have to manually author the content for the Chinese language as well just like for EN site?


3. If the content or pages are updated or created in EN site then this changes will automatically show in Chinese version or we have to again create pages or content(let say I deleted a comp. in EN then it will reflect the same in Chinese or we have to again do this operation in Chinese site)


4. What if My content is dynamic, that is if we are fetching the content from Rest API where we don't have any scope for manual authoring in Chinese as content updates at every hit.


5. If possible is there any tool for automatic translation of the site in the Chinese language 

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Hi @khamat_bn 

Create language copies in AEM but in order to do that you need to integrate translation service providers with AEM and create projects for translating content into multiple languages. AEM supports human and machine translation workflows.


The Microsoft Translator cloud service configurations are installed with the OOB content. Some sample configurations use a trial Microsoft Translation account that allows for a maximum of 2 000 000 free translated characters per month.
Microsoft Translator Trial License
The Microsoft Translator Trial License configuration is a sample configuration that is installed with the OOB content. This configuration uses a Microsoft Translator account that has a free subscription that allows for 2 000 000 translated characters per month.
Create a cloud configuration that connects AEM to your translation service provider. AEM includes the capability to connect to Microsoft Translator by default. For other translation providers, download the connector package from Package Share. The following translation vendors provide an implementation of the new API for the Translation Projects. Links to learn more about the integration and how to download from Package Share:



Arpit Varshney