How embed happening in Html library Manger?





As and when we include multiple categories(a.css and b.css) in the embed property as cq:clientLibraryFolder. node how Html library Manager working/ Which method basically concating these categories programmatically on page load? any idea would help? we are getting the required categories but not able to combine? Is there any way to combine the use Html library Manager API method?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @vasgurug ,

What I have understood from your question is that your are trying to use HTML Library Manager to combine different clientlibs.


However, may be you can try to embed different clientlib categories to combine them into 1 and then can use HTML Library Manager for minification and compression.

This blog explains very well how you can embed different categories and then enable minification.


  • Embed property is NOT transitive – If Clientlib A embed B and B embed C, then only A and B will be included in the page,but C won't. In order to include Clientlib C, it must be added to the embed property of A as well.
  • The order of embed is important for the CSS and JS to work properly.

You can use this tool as well

Hope this helps!!