How does DAM Parse Word Documents create renditions/modify asset properties?



I've uploaded 2 word documents (both .docx) on my local and Adobe AMS-hosted AEM. Both documents contains a form.


In both instances, these things happened:

1. DAM Parse Word Documents workflow triggered

2. images presents on the Word document where identified as sub-assets


But something is different from the documents. When inspecting the properties for both documents:

- document1 has "Referenced by: Page extract from Word"

- document2 has no "Referenced by: Page extract from Word"


According to this page (, a cq:Page node is created for the documents and that is correct. I found these:

- http://localhost:4502/content/dam/mytest/document1.docx/jcr%3acontent/renditions/page.html

- http://localhost:4502/content/dam/mytest/document2.docx/jcr%3acontent/renditions/page.html


Any ideas what's happening in relation to "Referenced by: Page extract from Word"? I would've expected both to have it or not have it.



asset-actions workflow

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