How does AEM Cloud send users to correct the country?



I understand AEM Cloud services sits in front of a CDN.  What is the preferred way to send a user to the correct country based on geo-location or IP.  We have sites in many different countries and if their country doesn't have it's own country branch, default it to a base country. 

Can these rules be done at the CDN level in order to NOT have to involve a servlet/filter which would mean bypassing the dispatcher cache? 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I don't think so the country-specific redirect can be directly enabled in CDN atlease from the AMS perspective, please check on this

Some options to explore

1. Redirect the user from Dispatcher based on the viewer country from CDN - refer for more details

2. Use Google Geo Location API to redirect the users to a specific website based on location

3. Tag the website to a specific country in Google Search Console/enable hreflang for the websites so that google search results list the websites specific to countries

4. Use Apache modules like mod_geoip to map the IP address to country code, redirect the user based on the country code


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