How do we translate multilingual files via AEM Translation Framework?



We have a multilanguage file (.mogrt) stored as Asset in AEM. We want to translate via AEM Translation Framework that's connecting to a TMS provider. Is this possible? Our understanding is that AEM assumes each translation is stored separately as a language copy in a language-specific folder. Each copy is translated with a separate Translation Job that can only handle a single target language.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Right the translation framework is only designed to handle the translation of pages in AEM. Assets are much harder when it comes to handle translation. The easiest way is if the file types support multi-language by definition, but that's hardly the case. The next obvious

way would be to have a dedicated file for each language, but that can cause a lot of overhead because then you need to handle much more assets.

There are definitely a lot of cases and approaches you can think of. But at first you need to define how the translation process should look like conceptually, and then you can start to create tool support and automation for it.

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