How do I update content in multiple pages?



How can I update multiple pages to change content entered in by rich text editor component? Example: change '<p>bentest8</p>' in rteText property to '<p>bentest800</p>' (in screenshot attached).  Can bulk editor be used?  If so, how?  I try to add rteText to 'Custom Properties/Columns', but that cell returns empty.  I am using AEM 5.6.1

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As mentioned by Scott, "Bulk editor" is the tool which is required by you.

Please go through this reference community article for your reference:-


//Page Bulk Edit in Adobe Experience Manager 6.1

Documentation link:-


Searching and Editing Content

To use the bulk editor to edit multiple items simultaneously:

  • In the Tools console, click the Importers folder to expand it.

  • Double-click the Bulk Editor to open it.

  • Enter your selection requirements:

    • For example:

    • Click Search. The Bulk Editor displays the results.
      For the example above, all the pages that meet your search criteria are returned and displayed with the requested columns.

    • Make any changes you need by double-clicking in a cell.

    • Click Save to save your changes (the Save button will be activated once you have edited a cell).



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      Answers (1)



      Bulk Editor lets you search for specific CQ nodes like pages and make changes to content - like titles. Read this section "SEARCHING AND EDITING CONTENT" at The bulk edit has its own UI and does not use the RTE that is used at a component level - such as a text component. 

      Hope this helps