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How do i add "Reply-To" header field in the Send Email action of AEM 6.3 forms


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I am currently using AEM 6.3 forms and making use of Adaptive Form Container. This form works perfectly fine and after authoring the desired fields, whenever the user submits this form, we get an acknowledgment mail. I was looking into the OOTB feature inside crxde - /libs/fd/af/components/guidesubmittype/email/cq:dialog/content/items and found that, Submit action is coming from this above path.

Here we have all the necessary dialog fields so that the form details after submission will get delivered to the proper mentioned address. But i was checking there is no option for "Reply-To" header just like "From" and "MailTo" which most of the email marketing teams use.

However, i tried to add a dialog field for "Reply-To" but i was not sure, where should i get the "Reply-To" value, because in this script "/libs/fd/af/components/guidesubmittype/email/post.POST.jsp" guideSubmitServlet has been used and there is no javadoc available for this, so that i can modify. Can you please suggest what should i do to pass this field "Reply-To" in the email header just like "From" & "To".

Any help would be appreciated.


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