How do I access an OSGI service from any class?



I have a service (located inside /core/src/java/com/myhost/core/services) and service implementation (located /core/src/java/com/myhost/core/services/impl).

I have an existing class (located inside /core/src/java/com/myhost/core/impl/view/components) that extends com.adobe.cq.sightly.WCMUsePojo. Using getSlingScripterHelper, this class can acceess the service I mentioned above.

I'm trying to access the service without using WCMUsePojo. How can I do it?


Answers (2)

Answers (2)




Technically speaking, there is a chance to get the bundlecontext of the bundle, which the class is part of. And from there get references to other services. But that's not easy to implement, and additionally this reference is not managed, thus you need to take care of the lifecycle events of the surrouding services. Probably not what you want.

Instead I would suggest that you convert your custom class into an OSGI service (or Sling model), because then the full tooling is available, and the frameworks takes care about wiring and all other lifecycle events and situations. In my coding experience I also often thought of simple utility classes, and ended up converting them into OSGI services, because then it was much easier to access the services available in the system.