How Do AEM Tags Appear in Final HTML Content



Hi there.

Full disclaimer - I am only semi-literate in AEM. The rest of the Experience Cloud?  Pretty solid.  But AEM is a different beast.

In a help article about AEM tags, I read this:

...tags applied as page properties will automatically show up in the metatags of the page ...

What <meta> tag name will these show up under?  Does it truly happen automatically, or does something need to be added to the page template to get it written to the final content?

We are investigating using the tags applied in AEM as input to Target recommendations for categorization.  I figure if they can end up as a <meta> tag I can read that in a Launch data element and manipulate them as needed.

Thanks - I appreciate the assistance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Yes, Any tags you add to a page it will be automatically added to the metadata keywords property


<meta name="keywords" content="Men"/>

Steps to follow:

1. Edit any page (Ex: http://localhost:<port>/editor.html/content/we-retail/us/en/men.html )

2. Open page properties

3. Add 'Tags"

4. Click on 'Save and Close'

5. Then view page as published (ex: http://localhost:<port>/content/we-retail/us/en/men.html?wcmmode=disabled )

6. View page source

You should find all the tags added in the metatag keywords property.