How could I know a node was un-published in a time range.



The reason why I want know this is I wanna get the delta changes after a specific timestamp from my publisher instance which node has been changed. I can get the added or modified nodes because they have timestamp to tell me when they have been changed, but I can't get the deleted nodes.


For example I have a node tree in AEM and it has been full published to my publisher instance.



And I have deleted the node "Page A-2" at some point.


The node "Page A-2" would just disappears from my publisher instance, there is no any records to tell me when it has been un-published.


A piece of my mind to solve this problem is handle the replication event and change the parent node modified timestamp if the child page will be un-published. But I don't think it's a best practice.


Is there any other way I can do this?

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Answers (2)




one way to solve this issue could be workflow . You can have have a workflow  which will get launched whenever author deletes a page a notification will be sent to your inbox .. This way you can keep track of all the deleted or deactivated pages.

Or  trace the audit log as mentioned by @Vaibhavi