How can I use regular expressions for string matching in HTL

jkpanera 13-05-2019

How can I match a string against a regular expression in HTL?

I would want to do one thing if it matches and another if it doesn't.

Alternatively, if HTL does not have that capability built in, is there a way that I can pass a string into a utility method to do that?


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jkpanera 13-05-2019

I do mean in the component code (not in a page template).

Let me give you a use case. We have some templates that handle certain image display for various AEM models. These components should generate different markup depending on the type of image (for example, we want to lazy load PNGs but not JPGs).

Is this possible to do using HTL?



with HTL alone you can't do regex matching. You need to use JAVA i.e. Sling Model or WCMUsePojo.

and yes you can pass a parameter from HTL to Java. Please check below:

HTL introduction part 4

You can call sling model in template code as well.

smacdonald2008 13-05-2019

When you say Template - do you mean the component code?

Anyhow - if you want to perform this task in the HTL itself (I would recommend Java and Sling Models and use HTL as a view), - see:

htl-spec/ at master · adobe/htl-spec · GitHub