How can I use Adobe Analytics' segments in AEM for targeting?





I configured AEM to use Adobe Target. Our cloud account has Adobe analytics too. However, we'd like to use analytics' segments/audiences while targeting in AEM. But, only those audiences created within AEM are available to be seen and used in AEM. 


How can we use segments published in analytics in AEM targeting?


If we integrate only Analytics with Target (A4T), then we can only use the target UI for content editing. However, we want to use our full scale of content editing capabilities which AEM can offer. For which we are supposed to be using on AEM targeting.


Thank you.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



@srikoll  You can share the segments in Analytics with other tools by publish the individual segments you would like to share


Setting up A4T would be a better options as it would allow you to use analytics  for reporting the target activities along with sharing the Segments.


Once the segments are in Adobe Target, When you setup AEM - Adobe Target integration, these segments should be synchronised into AEM, So you can use it in AEM while creating activities in Targeting Mode. Enabling A4T in AEM-Target config would allow you to select Analytics reporting instead of Target reporting for the activities you create in AEM.

No other AEM content editing feature will be impacted due to this.


You will have to request adobe to enable A4T , A4T integration is independent of AEM and enabling A4T in AEM-Target integration does not mean A4T is enabled .


Please do check if the Segments created in Analytics is available in target, if not the A4T setting might not be enabled .

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