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How can an Individual Make Career in AEM/AMC


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I am Adobe Creative Cloud user with some experience in PHP, .Net, HTML, CSS & Javascript and also know about Digital Marketing.

Need to know has an Individual how can I get started to build my career in AEM/AMC. As far as I know adobe AEM does not have any access for individuals to learn the product.

For Example if someone wants to learn AWS, Azure or Photoshop for all this we have a trial version which helps individuals learn the platform or at least build basic understanding of the product. This also helps in self study. So does AEM/AMC have an option for Individuals to access and do self study to get started.

I know adobe offer trainings in AEM/AMC online. But it is very expensive and does it provide Access to AEM/AMC for practice if yes than for how long the access remain active?

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Hi vishuagg19,

Since AEM is an Enterprise level software suite, an implementation license is required to run it in a system. Please contact Adobe Sales at (http://www.adobe.com/about-adobe/contact.html) for further information on this regard.

TechAspect Solutions


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To embark on a successful career in AEM/AMC, individuals should prioritize gaining expertise in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Asset Management and Configuration (AMC). Mastering these skills involves comprehensive training, hands-on experience, and staying updated on industry trends. Additionally, preparing for AEM/AMC interviews is crucial. Familiarizing oneself with common interview questions and answers crafting well-thought-out answers enhances confidence and increases the likelihood of securing a position in this dynamic and competitive field.